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[District 4 news] Winter listening sessions [83]

posted Feb 16, 2011, 2:04 PM by Oak Meadow Administration

This is the latest in a series of occasional newsletters on topics that

may be of interest to Fitchburg District 4 residents.


Join Ald. Steve Arnold for three listening sessions, hosted as part of

his re-election campaign, at EVP Coffee.  Each session will focus on two

issue areas, but all questions and discussion are welcome!

   February 20:  The City Budget Process and Taxes

   March 13:  Land use and Transportation

   April 3:  Public Safety and the Environment


Listening sessions run from 1:00-2:30 p.m.  Steve will begin each

session with a short presentation on that session’s topics--including

current issues and his goals--so please arrive by 1 p.m.  Questions and

discussion will follow.  Coffee is provided.  Food, lattes, etc. are

available from EVP, 2690 Research Park Drive, Fitchburg.

These listening sessions are not fundraisers, and everyone is welcome,

no matter your views on the issues.  Questions?  Contact Steve!


Long-time residents know that these messages are very occasional: 83 in

almost six years.  For more frequent perspectives on my views on current

issues (including state and national issues), consider "liking" my

Facebook political page (below).  Postings in 2011 have averaged about

one every two days.  Visit the page to see of the material is of

interest.  Your feedback is welcome!


If you know others who would be interested in District 4 News, or if you

would like to be removed from the list, please send a quick note to me

at the address below.



Steve Arnold, Fitchburg Alder, District 4, Seat 7

2530 Targhee Street, Fitchburg, Wisconsin  53711-5491

Telephone +1 608 278 7700 · Facsimile +1 608 278 7701

Steve.Arnold@Fitchburg.WI.US · http://Arnold.US

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