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Neighborhood Survey Results

posted Feb 4, 2013, 8:03 PM by Oak Meadow Administration   [ updated Feb 26, 2013, 10:03 AM ]
At the November 2012 Annual Meeting, we surveyed homeowners on a number of issues. Here are the results:
Is the Association sponsoring the right number of events?
  • 18% Felt the Neighborhood Association sponsored too few events
  • 79% Felt the Neighborhood Association sponsored about the right amount of events
  • 3% Felt the Neighborhood Association sponsored too many events 
Suggestions included: a garden club, removal of invasives in the woods in the Spring (City Parks Division would help), kites in the park, Sumer picnic (5 people said this), potluck (2), chili cook-off (2), garage sale (6), winter party (2), movie night at the park (2), Halloween costume party (2), catered party, pig roast (2), block party or street dance, Fall event, craft or talent show
Comments: loved the progressive cocktail party (7) - can we do one in the Summer? or make this seasonal?, last Potluck not too organized - didn't need tables or tents
Should we invest in a neighborhood sign at the Oak Knoll entrance off of Lacy Road? 
  • 66.67% Felt the sign was not necessary
  • 33.33% Liked the idea of a sign (but disagreed on size, price, and location) 
Comments: love the sign idea - can we do a fundraiser?, I'd like a small sign there, I don't think this is necessary (15)- can we add more playground equipment instead?, I know a lot of people enter the neighborhood that way so I think it would be nice, I like the sign idea, but let's find a cheaper one (3), sign sounds fine, yes but don't locate by Lacy that is not our neighborhood, a sign would be good - can the developer kick in since he benefits too?
Are our Annual Dues set at the right price?
  • 85% Felt Annual Dues are about right
  • 15% Felt Annual Dues are too high 
Comments: keep dues the same but increase the number of events (2), maintain unless we get a large surplus - then reduce (2), no events,  more family friendly events, would be ok with increase in exchange for good events, keep as is or reduce number of events (2), don't mind temporary increase for doggie park (fenced in area at our current park with benches and trash covers), don't increase number of events, events with fees would be fine - it could be subsidized by the dues - but I think it adds value to the event, reduction would be ok - people can pay for activities and there would be more commitment to attend, 
Would you prefer to use an electronic payment system such as Paypal for dues?
  • 54% Yes
  • 46% No 
Other Comments:
Can we have a member directory online (secure)?, concerned about speeding down Targhee, who enforces garbage can Ordinances?, neighborhood watch would be great!, we need signage at the Penwell intersections - or speed bumps at least, I think we should allow chickens in constitute with City Ordinance (very green), can we change our mailbox covers or paint them (to help improve our brand)?