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News Letter

posted Sep 30, 2009, 8:31 PM by Oak Meadow Administration   [ updated Oct 9, 2009, 7:37 PM ]
Oak Meadow Home Owners Association
2619 Placid Street
Fitchburg WI 53711

Date October 2009

Dear Oak Meadow Home Owner:

As you are hopefully aware, Oak Meadow is a covenant regulated and association controlled neighborhood.  By owning property in the neighborhood you are automatically deemed a member.  In June of 2008 the developer, Sveum Enterprise Limited turned over control of the association to the property owners.   

If you are new to the Neighborhood, the board of directors would like to welcome you as a new neighbor and association member.   Being a member entitles you to participate in association meetings and grants you voting privileges.

At a minimum, the association provides the neighborhood with governing provisions over the covenants and helps to enforce the deed restrictions defined within them.  In addition, the association is responsible for the upkeep of the common areas to our neighborhood.  It is the board of directors’ hope and goal that we can also help to nurture a greater sense of community to our already wonderful neighborhood.  We certainly have enjoyed serving you as neighbors and friends.

Association Dues
Each lot owner is responsible for paying an annual fee.  The fee set forth by the board of directors is $50.00 per year.  The collected fees allow the association to pay for the maintenance of our common areas, upcoming ground water infiltration system, administrative/operational fees, and legal fees.  The lot fee for the 2008/2009 fiscal year are due on Oct 31st.   Please see the enclosed statement associated with your lot, and thank you for your cooperation as a member. 

Annual Association Meeting (11-11-09)   
Since our spring steering meeting, it has been a relatively quiet summer with limited development within the neighborhood.  Our first major project was the selection and execution of a landscaping maintenance contract with Olson Wills landscaping to take care of our common areas.   However, more noticeable this summer were the non- association related projects such as the Fish Hatchery Road construction, New Bike Skyway and the continued development of the City Library plans.

The association covenants require an annual meeting for the new director elections and to conduct standard business such as set budgets and vote on any issues.  

This year’s annual meeting will be held Wednesday Night 11-11-09 at 6:30pm at the Fitchburg City Hall.  The meeting should run less than 1 hour.  

A quorum is needed to hold our meeting which means at least 25% of the lot owners must be in attendance. .  Oak Meadow is a 165-lot association. 

Evening topics include
•    Election of New Directors
•    Review of the Budget for 2009
•    Discussion on 2010 and the Association’s Direction
•    Open Forum / Open Discussion
Immediately after the meeting there will be a short Directors meeting.
For more information on the meeting please visit the web site.   Additional information will be posted as available.

Election of New Directors
The association would like to add five director positions for a total of seven.  We will need to vote to amend the covenants to make this change.  The association must maintain at least three Directors to operate.

If you are interested in helping the neighborhood and becoming an association director please submit your name and address to the board either via e-mail, or in writing before Oct 31st to or Board of Directors, 2619 Placid Street, Fitchburg WI 53711. 
Candidates will be posted to the association web site Nov 1st.  You must be a lot owner and be current on your association dues to be elected (or even throw your hat in the running?).

As an association director your time commitment would, at a minimum, be quarterly meetings typically lasting around an hour, plus the annual meeting.   Historically we’ve met around every 6 to 8 weeks.

The voting process will consist of a simple ballot election with votes tallied the same evening.  Directors will be appointed immediately following the election.

Proxy vote request.
If you cannot attend the meeting and would like to submit a vote for a posted candidate, please complete the proxy vote request form which can be found on the association website.   Please note that you must be current on your association dues, or your voting privileges will be suspended. 

E-Mail Mailing List
We’d like to be able to communicate with you as conveniently as possible.  If you’d like your address added to our new mailing list.  Please send an e-mail to with “subscribe” in the subject line or message body.  We’ll send out periodic updates of association events and news, as well as relevant community events or alerts.

If you have any questions please e-mail the board of directors at , or write to us at 2619 Placid Street, Fitchburg WI 53711.  Additional information about the association can be located at


John Hein   
President / Director

Phillip Rangsuebsin
Vice President  / Director

Carlo Bonura
Treasurer /  Director

David Benjamin
Secretary / Director