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Oak Meadow Park Playground Ideas and Community Garden

posted May 10, 2011, 11:19 AM by Oak Meadow Administration

Hi Neighbors -


Last month our Park Improvement Committee met with Scott Endl of the City of Fitchburg Parks Department. We discussed our options for improving the Oak Meadow park. Fortunately for us, the city already has money allocated for our park and just needed a little push to make everything happen. They also have "general funds" for all city parks that we can use for items like drinking fountains and a requested backstop (of some sort) for the basketball hoop.  Scott is excited to work with us.



One of the main reasons for forming this committee was to explore the possibility of additional playground equipment for younger children. The current playstructure is rated for 5-12 year olds and is pretty dangerous/impossible for toddlers to enjoy.  Our neighborhood has over 60 children under 5 years old and we'd like them and their families to enjoy the park as well. We have created a rough draft of a timeline with Scott and hope to have something for the younger children in place by next summer (2012)!  Our next step though is to figure out what components we might like in this playset, and for this we solicit your feedback. If you have specific suggestions on things you would like to see, please email me and I will share with our committee.


Our initial list of requirements/wants is:

-Must allow for some shade

-Must be accessible for wheelchairs/strollers (looking at using a poured rubber surface, which also is beneficial as young children won't be able to try to eat it like they do with woodchips)

-Would like it to have some tunnels for crawling through

-Would like to have low steps with railings for safe "stair practice"



We also discussed having a community garden. This would be contingent upon having a water source and someone interested in being in charge. Let me know if you have such interest!



Our next Park Improvement Committee meeting will be on Thursday, May 19 at 7:00PM (Location TBD). Please plan to attend if you have interest in either the playground project, community gardening, or just other grounds projects.



Thank you -

Jen Baldock

Secretary and Park Improvement Committee member