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Oak Meadow Prescribed Prairie Burns 4-5-2011

posted Apr 4, 2011, 1:46 PM by Oak Meadow Administration

Please see the message below regarding burning of the tall grass area on either side of the recreational path. It is to take place tomorrow, weather permitting.  

-Jen Baldock

Dear Resident,

Weather permitting, the City will be conducting a prescribed burn at Oak Meadow Park on Tuesday, April 5. 


The purpose of the burn is to promote native prairie vegetation regeneration in our attempt to recreate a prairie at this site.  Prescribed burns are an essential tool for restoring and maintaining prairie, oak savanna and oak woodland habitats.  These habitat types have declined dramatically throughout Wisconsin since initial European settlement in the mid 1800s.  Despite the rarity of these habitats, healthy prairies, oak savannas and woodlands support a disproportionate amount of biodiversity and harbor many regionally rare and declining species.  The burns will be conducted by BioLogic Environmental Consulting, the company the City has hired to care for some of its prairies and conservancy areas.

BioLogic will provide the City up to 24 hours advance notice of the burn, and they will notify all appropriate authorities prior to the burn. Their burn crew consists of trained firefighters with all the equipment necessary to keep the fire under control.  In preparation for the burn, BioLogic will be mowing or cutting vegetation around the areas to be burned. These temporary paths will be used to contain the fire within the park. On the day of the burn, we ask that you avoid visiting the park until the burn is complete, so the burn crew may do their work safely and efficiently. The burn will be conducted on a day when weather conditions allow for a safe burn with minimal smoke impact on your neighborhood and local roads. However, we recommend keeping windows and doors closed to keep smoke or the smell of smoke out of your home.

For more information, please contact City Forester Ed Bartell at 608-270-4289 or Mike Healy, Restoration Ecologist with BioLogic Environmental Consulting, at 608.277.9960 or

For further details on the role of prescribed fire for maintaining oak woodland, oak savanna, and prairie, please visit:

Edward Bartell  
City of Fitchburg

Urban Forester and Naturalist 

Certified Arborist