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Oak Meadow School Update 6/16/11

posted Jun 16, 2011, 2:23 PM by Oak Meadow Administration

Below is another update from Ron Slavin regarding the status of the school committee.  Please contact him at with questions or comments. 

 I sent out a ballot a month ago today and here are the results on whether the neighborhood wants to try and move to the Verona School District.  124 Homes are completed in our neighborhood.  We had 75 Yes votes, 16 No votes, 11 No opinion, 5 wanted more info, 17 didn't answer the ballot or emails. 


With Leopold still struggling with test scores, here is a part of the link I will include below "Leopold is the first Madison school to reach the second tier of sanctions, which means parents will have the option of using district Title I money to hire tutors starting next year, deputy superintendent Sue Abplanalp said. Students will still have the option of enrolling at Stephens or Olson elementary schools, which was a sanction imposed last year and costs the district about $35,000 a year"


We still don't think this solves the problem of kids in our neighborhood going to different schools throughout Dane County. We will be contacting the Madison School Board again and then make decsion on how to move forward. Thank you for getting all of your votes back to the school committee so promptly, 86 percent turnout for a vote is great.  Thanks again, Ron Slavin