Annual Board Meeting - October 13, 2015

posted Oct 30, 2015, 7:41 PM by Oak Meadow Administration   [ updated Oct 30, 2015, 7:46 PM ]
The annual Oak Meadow Neighborhood Association meeting was held at the Great Dane in Fitchburg with platted hors ‘d oeuvres provided by the association. There were 66 guests who had RSVP’d for the meeting; Board members in attendance included: Erika O’Donohoe (president), Elisa Romanowich (vice president), Sachin Tuli (membership), Jodie Johnson (events), Casey Poole (treasurer), and Nicole Otterson (communications).

Erika brought the meeting to order.

New Business

City of Fitchburg Updates
Jake Johnson, Alder District 4, spoke briefly before attending a Common Council meeting (

Winter parking restrictions begin after a snow or ice event (for vehicles parked on the street). Park on the even side of the street at night (between 7pm and 7am) and on the odd side of the street during the day (between 7am and 7pm).

Lacy Road planning work will be this next year and construction will begin in 2017 for Lacy from the Library, East to Syene Road. Bike lanes are in the current plan as well as speed control measures and a completed walking/biking path on the South side of the road (enabling families to safely get from our neighborhood to McGaw Park, Swan Creek, and Syene Road).

Jake is working with the Fitchburg Dog Park Advocates to get a dog park located in central Fitchburg. They are currently evaluating potential locations and desirable amenities.

Please contact Jake at or 608-443-6117 for any information or to get involved.

Fitchburg Police Department
Officer Nick Clemens from the Fitchburg Police Department joined our meeting. He fielded questions, the majority being about crime prevention. Tips and resources (including Vacation Watch) can be found here:

Board Member Transitions

Oak Meadow directors have three objectives:

1. Take actions that best benefit the neighborhood
2. Increase a sense of community
3. Fulfill Board responsibilities for the association

The Board positions that expired were recommended and unanimously approved. The Board for 2015-2016 includes:

• President – Erika O’Donohoe
• Vice President – Elisa Romanowich
• Communications Director – Trina Johnson; NEWLY ELECTED
• Neighborhood Events Director – Holly Hein; NEWLY ELECTED
• Neighborhood Membership Director – Sachin Tuli; RE-ELECTED
• Architectural Committee – Laura Webster
• Treasurer – Tony Koberstein; NEWLY ELECTED

Year in Review

Erika reviewed the 2015 Association activities (progressive cocktail party, garage sale, and movie in the park). She mentioned that any homeowner interested in coordinating other activities should bring them up with the Board.


The financials were reviewed.


Rain Gardens
Once we collectively decided on seeding versus plantings, Sachin worked in conjunction with the highly regarded Prairie Nursery (Westfield, WI) to plan the installation. The rain bed areas were treated with herbicide (several times) to try and knock out existing seeds in the soil. The beds were raked, seeds were broadcast and rolled in, and the beds were covered with loose straw. The freeze/thaw cycle of Fall/Winter/Spring will help work the seeds in. Keep in mind that most perennials grow their root systems the first two years so we will not likely see flowering next year—we’ll have to wait a few years for the show. As our new plants work on their root systems, other invasives/weeds will try to move in so the rain gardens will be mowed to a height of 4-5” the next two years to keep weeds from establishing and going to seed.

Adding fences within the neighborhood has been brought up several times; Jodie provided a history.

The Developer envisioned Oak Meadow to have front porches, walking paths, a park, and no fences for reasons of community and safety to create a neighborhood with positive interactions. It is the homeowners’ responsibility to read into the covenants and agree to them before moving into the neighborhood.

To change an item within the covenants, a formal survey must be conducted with 60% of the total lot owners agreeing on the change. Then, an attorney could be hired to review the deed restrictions, define what constitutes a fence, suggest a formal change to the covenant, get approval of that change, and then make formal changes to the covenants.

A few years ago, the HOA conducted a formal survey and discovered 23 of the then 50 homeowners were for fences. Because that was less than 60%, the board decided the covenant would not be changed.

Erika closed the meeting by thanking everyone for coming. The meeting adjourned at 7:43 PM. Minutes taken by Nicole Otterson.

The PowerPoint shown at the meeting can be found in the Association Files within the HOA website (OM HOA Annual meeting 2015.pptx). If you would like to join our neighborhood’s closed Facebook group, please request to join at ‘Oak Meadow Home Owners Association’. All members can post information; posts are only visible to members.