April 10 Board Meeting Minutes

posted Oct 9, 2013, 5:10 PM by Oak Meadow Communications
The April Meeting was held at 7:30pm at the Fitchburg Library. Members in attendance were: Jesse Olson, Leigh Mills, Bob Gleisner, John Hein, and Jodie Johnson.
  • Bob approved the minutes from the last meeting. Leigh seconded the motion.
  • The board reviewed assignments from the last meeting.
  • Jesse gave the board an overview of questions he's received from the association members, and the board discussed the best way to answer each question.
  • The following assignments were discussed:
    • Jesse will send a distilled version of the covenants to Jodie to add to the website.
    • Bob will follow-up with Phil Sveum about the rain garden.
    • Bob will look into DNO insurance.
    • Bob will look into the date of the Byrnewood Garage Sale. Jodie will post information about the opportunity on the website.
    • Jodie will poll existing board members with expiring board terms to determine which positions are open next year. Jodie will then post information on the website about the open board opportunities.
    • Jodie will check in with Toya about the social events. We noted a few neighbors that were interested in hosting the Progressive Cocktail event. (above)
    • Jodie will post information about a Spring clean-up event on the website. (done)
    • John will add a PayPal module to the HOA website for upcoming dues. (almost done)
    • John will summarize new FAQs based on common questions we're getting from our members. (done)
    • Jodie will document a way for members to sign-up for notifications of website changes, and email this to the HOA members.
  • We decided the next board meeting would be scheduled in accordance with the first social event Toya is planning.
Jodie made a motion to adjourn the meeting by Jodie. Bob seconded the motion.