April 11, 2012 Financial Update

posted Oct 28, 2012, 2:16 PM by Oak Meadow Administration

April 11, 2012

Oak Meadow Financial Update

 Cash Balance:            $14,769.81 at the bank + $200.00 deposit in transit = $14,969.81

 Dues Status:               For 2009 – 76.1%

                                    For 2010 – 83.7%

                                    For 2011 – 94.3%

                                    For 2012 – 90.0%

 Next steps: I will ask Axley Byrnelson to send a notice to those home owners more than 2 years past due.

Landscaping Contract:  I signed a renewal for Olson Toon landscaping contract.  Costs were in line with 2011.  I did not do a formal RFP, but I did some high level price comparison with other firms and pricing was substantially similar.

 Online Banking:  I signed up for electronic banking, which is free, with our current bank – Wisconsin Community Bank.  This will make records retention, transition to other treasurers, etc. easier going forward.

 Tax Return- I filed on time our Form 1120H, an informational return, with the IRS.

 Corporation Filing:  Axley Byrnelson will file with the Wisconsin Department of Financial service in time for our June deadline.