Board Meeting - April 7, 2015

posted Jun 19, 2015, 11:19 AM by Oak Meadow Administration
The meeting was called to order at 8:15 PM. Members in attendance included: Erika O’Donohoe (president), Elisa Romanowich (vice president), Sachin Tuli (membership), Laura Webster (architecture), and Nicole Otterson (communications).

The Board reviewed and approved notes from the January 13 meeting.

New Business

Landscape & Rain Garden Maintenance
Sachin Tuli, Neighborhood Membership Director (and unofficial Neighborhood Landscape Director) spoke about the neighborhood master plan requirements regarding the development and maintenance of our rain gardens. The developer dug the basins and last year the HOA inherited responsibility for the installation and maintenance of these common areas.

He mentioned we had two options:
  • Option 1: Rain Garden Seed Mix Entire Garden (maybe some plugs on border) - This approach minimizes future maintenance and provides a naturalized look. The Bruce Company would perform all work. Staked matting will need to be installed at time of seeding to prevent rain from washing seeds away--this is the most significant cost. Seed mix would include Zone 5 native grasses, sedges, and flowering plants. Once seeded, the gardens will be difficult to weed; whatever "takes" will dominate the basins. Approximate Cost = $1,200
  • Option 2: Plant Plugs in Both Gardens - If successful this approach will provide a formalized and manicured look. Assumption for cost is that plugs would be spaced at 1 foot per plug. This approach would require neighborhood volunteers to install the plugs in May 2015, and to commit to weeding the rain gardens in future years (likely a couple of times a year, requiring a few hundred person-hours per year). It will not be affordable to hire The Bruce Company or another firm to weed such large basins.  Approximate Cost = $600 (plus a commitment from neighborhood volunteers for annual sweat equity investments)
Nicole will send a voting survey via email to the neighbors asking for their input. The Board feels that Option 1 is the way to go as it’s less person-hours for the homeowners.

Upcoming Events
The Board discussed upcoming events:
  • The annual garage sale will be held on April 24 and 25, to coincide with Wildwood South and Byrnewood neighborhoods (a few homes may also participate on April 23). Nicole will post on Facebook asking those interested in being included in a list of participating households to provide their information.
  • The Progressive Cocktail Party will be held at 6:30pm on May 9. There will be two host houses (each house will receive $200 for food / beverages). It will be a bacon and beverage bash (there will also be a vegetarian option). Beverages will be provided this year by host houses. Guests to just show up. Jodie will create a Whoozin event and post it to Facebook.
  • Movie in the Park will be held on September 12. Jodie will ask neighbors to nominate food carts. The Board suggested the cart ‘Good Food’. Do any neighbors have personal connections to this or any other cart? The suggested movie will be ‘Big Hero 6’.
  • The Board talked about how to coordinate other events (such as a Spring Egg Hunt, an Independence Day Bike Parade, etc.). At the next Annual Neighborhood Meeting the Board will provide a sign-up sheet for volunteers. If there is enough interest, those volunteers will work with the Neighborhood Events Director to plan the event.
Financials were not discussed.

The Board’s President received emails questioning if home rentals are permitted in the neighborhood. The Board was unable to find any permission against this. If there are concerns, please write a letter to the Homeowner or contact the Fitchburg Police Department at 608-270-4300.

The Board realized there is an email account that is still active and receiving occasional emails. Nicole will forward any emails received at this address to

If you would like to join our neighborhood’s closed Facebook group, please request to join at ‘Oak Meadow Home Owners Association’. All members can post information; posts are only visible to members.

The next Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 14. The Annual Neighborhood Meeting is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, October 13.

Meeting adjourned. Minutes taken by Nicole Otterson.