Board Meeting - January 13, 2015

posted Jan 26, 2015, 6:33 PM by Oak Meadow Administration
The meeting was called to order at 8:07 PM. Members in attendance included: Erika O’Donohoe (president), Elisa Romanowich (vice president), Jodie Johnson (neighborhood events), Laura Webster (architecture), Casey Poole (treasurer), and Nicole Otterson (communications).

The Board reviewed and approved notes from the October 8 meeting. The following items were discussed further:
  • Speeding
Jina Jonen (a neighbor who lives on Targhee) and Becky Baumbach (a neighbor who also lives on Targhee and Fitchburg Alder District 4) have been working on the speeding issues in our neighborhood. The Fitchburg Police have been on Targhee and Nutone to monitor any issues. Red “slow down” signs have been placed in yards as well. Next step is to have 50% of households in the affected areas sign a petition asking the City to take a look at traffic in our neighborhood.
  • Solicitor Permissions
Nicole looked into the process for solicitors requiring a permit. Per the City of Fitchburg Clerk Department, any solicitor that is selling an item or service is required to have both a Dane County permit and a door-to-door Fitchburg permit. They should have a physical permit in their possession to show, if requested. A permit is not required for solicitors providing information. Questions and/or solicitor reports should be directed to the Police Department at 608-270-4300.

New Business

The Board discussed upcoming events for 2015:
  • The Spring Egg Hunt was a success last year. This year’s event is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, April 4. If you’re interested in organizing or helping out, please email Jodie at
  • We have an inquiry into the Byrnewood and Wildwood South neighborhoods to find out when they will be holding their annual garage sales. Last year we partnered with them with sales being the last weekend of April. If you’re interested in getting involved (or have any questions), please email Nicole at
  • The Progressive Cocktail Party has been very popular and will continue in early Spring and late Summer. The Spring date is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, May 2. If you’re interested in hosting (or have any questions), please email Jodie at
  • Movie in the Park has also been well received. This year’s event is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, September 12. 
A neighbor questioned if home rental is permitted in the neighborhood. The Board was unable to find any permission against this. If there are concerns, please write a letter to the Homeowner or contact the Fitchburg Police Department at 608-270-4300.

Financials were discussed. Invoices for annual dues have been mailed.

If you would like to join our neighborhood’s closed Facebook group, please request to join at ‘Oak Meadow Home Owners Association’. All members can post information; posts are only visible to members.

Future Board meetings are scheduled for Tuesday, April 7 and Tuesday, July 14. The Annual Neighborhood Meeting is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, October 13.

Meeting adjourned at 9:01 PM. Minutes taken by Nicole Otterson.