Board Meeting - January 30, 2013

posted Feb 4, 2013, 8:31 PM by Oak Meadow Administration

Present: Jesse Olsen, Bob Gleisner, Toya Johnson, Dan Donovan, and Jodie Johnson

  • The board members reviewed 2013 roles & terms.
  • The board approved notes from the October 29 board meeting and the November 11 Annual Meeting. 
  • Bob reviewed the financials with the board and noted Paypay is set-up for 2014 payments. Bob mentioned it was recommended we investigate D&O insurance and volunteered to get more information on this.
  • Jodie volunteered to summarize the survey results from the Annual Meeting. 
  • The group inquired about Progressive Party plans. Toya volunteered to check with Anna to see what the plans are.
  • Dan noted he is not getting lot plans from Sveum. Jesse will followup with Phil Sveum, introduce Dan, and make sure new lots are going through Dan.

The board discussed several issues raised by homeowners:

  • Jesse said he is getting a lot of emails about mailboxes. The covenant says homeowners need to have a specific mailbox. The board needs to send letters to those who need to buy neighborhood mailboxes. Dan will survey and determine the addresses that aren't current. Jesse will send information to Jodie to post on the website.
  • The board discussed a a request to put a fence at a lot adjacent to a Lacy Road lot. It was concluded that we cannot make any acceptions.  Jesse will follow-up.
  • A neighbor asked a question about off-leash animals. It was noted the board has considered things like this in the past and we recommend neighbors having issues with animals, take up the issue with the City.  Jesse will follow-up with the neighbor that had this question. 

The board discussed updates that should happen on the website. John will get Jodie the 2011 and 2012 Dues Notice and Dues Status for the website. Jesse will also send the results of last year's school survey results to Jodie to post on the website.

The board discussed 2013 social events. Toya is going to review the survey results, check with Anna, and report back the board. She may decide to survey the neighborhood if she has any questions.

The next meeting was set for April 10 at 7pm.