Board Meeting - July 21, 2015

posted Jul 27, 2015, 9:03 PM by Oak Meadow Administration
The meeting was called to order at 8:25 PM. Members in attendance included: Erika O’Donohoe (president), Elisa Romanowich (vice president), Jodie Johnson (events), Casey Poole (treasurer), and Nicole Otterson (communications).

The Board reviewed and approved notes from the April 7 meeting.

New Business

Movie in the Park
Movie in the Park will be held on September 12. Although the Board suggested the movie ‘Big Hero 6’ at the last meeting, they discussed an alternate movie because Pack ‘N The Park (McKee Farms Park) is playing it. Jodie is going to find out if ‘The Sandlot’ is available; second choice is ‘Surf’s Up’.

Casey provided Jodie with the deposit for the inflatable movie screen from Fun Play Inflatables.

A Board member must meet before the Public Safety & Human Services Committee to finalize the sound permit by fielding questions. Jodie will attend this meeting on August 11 at 6:30 PM at City Hall.

Jodie tentatively has three food carts reserved: Delights, Slide, and Melted.

New Homeowners
The Board discussed the system for welcoming new neighbors to Oak Meadow. What is the system for updating the database? How are they informed about the website and/or Facebook group? The Board will field this question to Sachin.

Jodie will let Sachin know that the ‘New Neighbor Info’ PDF on the website is outdated.

Nicole mentioned that the annual Neighborhood Association meeting invitation mailed to neighbors via USPS (per the Bylaws) includes individualized information for each address, requesting if the information is correct.

Annual Meeting
Nicole will look into alternate free-of-charge venue locations (Liliana’s and/or The Great Dane), besides the Fitchburg Library, for the annual meeting, which will occur mid-October.

The Board discussed possible agenda items. Suggestions included updates from our Alderman Jake Johnson (Lacy Road reconstruction, dog park, etc.) and inviting Sargent Ned Hartwick, or another member of the Fitchburg Police Department, back again.

Possible replacements for expiring board terms (Communications Director, Neighborhood Events Director, Neighborhood Membership Director, and Treasurer) was also discussed. Annual association fees will be waived for Board members who attend at least three of the four required meetings. Election for these expiring board terms will occur at the annual Neighborhood Association meeting.

Once the date and location is finalized, Nicole will ask fellow neighbors via email and Facebook if they have any agenda items to add.

To prevent the Treasurer from being the only Board member to review the financials, the Vice President will begin to review them monthly as well.

If you would like to join our neighborhood’s closed Facebook group, please request to join at ‘Oak Meadow Home Owners Association’. All members can post information; posts are only visible to members.

Meeting adjourned. Minutes taken by Nicole Otterson.