January 18, 2011 Board Meeting Minutes

posted Jan 18, 2011, 7:47 PM by Oak Meadow Communications   [ updated Jan 18, 2011, 7:49 PM ]

Oak Meadow Homeowner’s Association Board Meeting


January 18, 2011


Attendees: Matt Kohnke, Jen Baldock, Bob Gleisner, John Hein, Jesse Olson, Becky Baumbach

Absent: Kerry McLaughlin



M&I sued us as part of a lawsuit against a foreclosure.  We released them from the $50 dues they owed so we could get out of lawsuit.  Bob sending PDF to John to put on website.

Matt gave update on architectural committee.  He will meet with Randy tomorrow to discuss plans for lot 51 and 52 (Silver Oak).  He will review Architectural Approval form if complete.

Snow removal:  A member had asked about snow removal on bikepaths. Becky had already talked to Steve Arnold about sidewalks. They had cut a position down to halftime or something so that could be why bike paths/greenspace aren’t done. The city parks department is responsible.  Jesse will call the parks department to discuss this and contact individual developers for specific lots that aren’t shoveled.

Changing directors meetings to 2nd Wednesday of every other month.  Upcoming dates are March 9, May 11, July 13, Sept 14, Nov 9.  Association members are encouraged to attend if interested.  Jen to update dates on website.

Becky is going to be on city council.  Election April 5.

Playground/Park improvement: Jen contacted Scott Endl at city hall. He provided information about the park plan. He is willing to meet with our group and discuss options.  We need someone to head up a park improvement committee and then work with Scott and report back to directors meeting. Jen send out an email to see if someone will head that up.

Website – John Hein has been updating the website.  Thank you!

Discussed if we want to put which lots are current with their dues payment on our website. Suggested doing just lot number and yes/no.  Bob will work on that.

Social Committee:  Becky will begin contacting people who expressed interest to find a chair for the social committee.

Matt brought up stop signs. Especially problematic at the intersection at entrance to Oak Meadows from Fish Hatchery (Nobel/Targhee). Also at Old Oak/Nutone and Nutone/Targhee.  Matt will head up talking to city about this.

Matt will be architectural chair on the Architectural Review board.  All other board members will be back-up.  Matt will lead the fence research committee.

School – Jen will send out email to see who wants to be on a committee to discuss school issues and report back to the group.

Financials: Bob gave financial report.  We have money available for our new committees that we are forming. If any current paying association members are interested in auditing the financial report, they can contact Bob.

Bob will send follow-up letters to those who have not yet paid their dues.  He has been distributing receipts.

Discussed association insurance and that it is a good idea to have it.  Bob will be researching liability insurance.

Need to change agent of record for association from John Hein to a law firm.  Bob will complete this.

Matt has attended a city council meeting on our behalf.  Becky will be part of city council going forward.

Bob will contact Terry Wanta about covenants.

Matt will plan to get out agenda 2 weeks in advance so that neighborhood can preview and attend.

Jen will reserve Greenfield room (if available) for March 9 meeting.