March 9, 2011 Meeting Minutes

posted Mar 21, 2011, 7:46 AM by Oak Meadow Communications

Oak Meadow Homeowner’s Association Board Meeting

March 9, 2011


Attendees: Matt Kohnke, Jen Baldock, Becky Baumbach, Bob Gleisner, John Hein,

Ron Slavin

Absent: Jesse Olson, Kerry McLaughlin


Next meeting: May 11, 2011

Jen to reserve room for next meeting




School Committee

Ron Slavin attended to discuss the newly formed School Committee. He has gathered information on number of kids in the neighborhood. With kids and pregnant woman and planned pregnancy there will be 94 kids under age of 6 by end of year.  The concern is with Leopold’s overcrowding issues and the lack of a sense of community if all our kids attend different schools in order to avoid Leopold. He has talked with Beth Moss on the Madison school board.  Ron will meet with Chair of the Planning and Development Committee for boundary changes/overcrowding. Ron will get something written up for the website.


Architectural Committee

Approved plans for Lot 159 – it is an odd lot on Saw Tooth.  The garage needs to be closer to street than normally required due to shape of lot. 



Got a check from Johnson Bank.  Might be a prepay for next year for some lots in foreclosure.

Bob is sending out secondary notices on dues.


Social Committee

Lori Blahnik is having a meeting on March 30th. Anyone interested in being part of social committee can attend.             


Transportation Safety

Matt has been in touch with Transportation engineer for city of Fitchburg. Going to start a neighborhood traffic process.  They had been holding off until our neighborhood had started to get bigger to see how the traffic patterns would develop. Matt going to open a CAR (Community Action Request so they look at Nutone. The engineer recommended education for the neighborhood.



John Hein has really done a great job updating the website.  Has a new look and feel.  Photo gallery has pictures of the storm. There is a new Subcommittee section. Director information has been added as well as a FAQ section.  Jen to email out to everyone that it has been updated.  Also is a dues section.  John -Need to figure out why it takes us to the wrong spot if you don’t include www.



John can add the information from the annual meeting to the website.


Rain Garden Maintenance

Tabled until required


Parks Improvement

Two people have volunteered to be on committee.  First step is to meet with Scott Endl.  Need to find time to meet.  Matt is interested.

John is going to contact Randy and/or Bill Shield (developer of new landiminiums) for beautification dollars since there is going to be a parade of homes.

One request already is to have a fence (or some barrier) behind basketball hoop to catch ball. 



Old Action Items:


Bob sending PDF to John to put on website. - DONE

Jesse will call the parks department to discuss this and contact individual developers for specific lots that aren’t shoveled.Definitely out of budget.

Jen to update dates on website. – John completed

Jen send out an email to see if someone will head that up. - DONE

Bob will work on that. – Pertaining to updating dues payments on website

Becky will begin contacting people who expressed interest to find a chair for the social committee. – Done (Lori Blahnik will be having a meeting on March 30th)

Matt will head up talking to city about this. - DONE

Jen will send out email to see who wants to be on a committee to discuss school issues and report back to the group. – DONE – Ron Slavin has started working on this

Bob will send follow-up letters to those who have not yet paid their dues. – In process

Bob will be researching liability insurance.  – Do need it.  Getting quotes.  $2500/annual is mid-range.  General liability definitely needed.  Director liability is good.  They recommend you make directors/officers into employees and then can do association insurance which would exclude things like auto.  Might be worth talking to Swan Creek.

Need to change agent of record for association from John Hein to a law firm.  Bob will complete this.Still open.

Bob will contact Terry Wanta about covenants.  DONE -Sent notice that they include it and that it’ll be available on website. 

Matt will plan to get out agenda 2 weeks in advance so that neighborhood can preview and attend. – Will do next time