May 11th 2011 Meeting Minutes

posted May 24, 2011, 11:35 AM by Oak Meadow Administration

Oak Meadow Homeowner’s Association Board Meeting

May 11, 2011


Attendees: Jen Baldock, Becky Baumbach, Bob Gleisner, Ron Slavin, Jesse Olson, Jodie Johnson, Laura Langer


Absent: Kerry McLaughlin


Next meeting: July 21, 2011 7:00 PM  (This is a change from the 7/13 date!)

Jen to reserve room for next meeting


New Items:

·         Minutes approved from last time

·         Discussed how to charge for dues if someone owns 2 lots. Decided that owners only need to pay for one. However, builders have to pay for each individual lot.

·         Matthew Kohnke resigned as president. Becky Baumbach will step up from vice-president to act as president. There have been a few glitches with some of the email addresses. Need to make sure these are going to the correct people. Apologies if anyone has sent anything without a response.

·         Transportation Safety: At our last meeting we had discussed the need for stop signs at various intersections. Jesse Olson will compose an email to send out to neighbors to find out if anyone is interested in heading this project up. Based on interest, we will decide if we want to fill out the CAR (Community Action Request).

·         Fencing Issue: No members have expressed interest in heading up a committee to review fencing policy. Issue has died for lack of committee and the policy will not change. Any members interested may attend the next board meeting.

·         Garage Sale is this weekend.  Debbie Brown heading this up.

·         Discussed some emails received with questions about nuisances. Decided nuisance issues should be handled by city.

·         Discussed creating a process for greeting new neighbors. People should get binder at their closing or from previous owners.  Ron Slavin will sign up on an email list that notifies us when a property is sold. Decided this is a good project for the social committee. They should think of a gift and then we will make sure at each meeting that everyone has been welcomed.  Jen to inform social committee of this.        

·         Bob sent document to John Hein to post on website as to which lots still owe dues.

·         Bob Gleisner recommended that we hire Axley-Byrnelson to assist with some legal issues and the board was in favor.  (See finance update below)


·         Committee Updates:

Assigned a board member liaison for each committee.

Social Committee: Jen

School Committee: Becky

Park Committee: Jen


School Committee

Ron Slavin attended to provide the update. He has sent out an email to the neighborhood to determine interest in requesting Oak Meadow be reassigned to the Verona School District. He has had 2 informational meetings for neighbors to attend. There are people both for and against changing the district.  His next step is to send out a mailer to see if people are against/for signing petition. Need 65 names on a petition to get the school board to proceed with any consideration. The notification will include a message that taxes probably would increase. 


Becky Baumbach (board member and alderperson) and Sean Pfaff (Fitchburg Mayor) met with Arlene (school board representative) to also discuss this issue. The suggestion came up of bringing the principal of Leopold school, John Burkholder, in to do a presentation for the neighborhood.  Sean Pfaff and Becky will be going on a tour of Leopold on May 19. Laura Langer brought up that she’d be interested in hearing the presentation by John in order to make an informed decision on this.


Arlene (school board representative) will be contacting Ron Slavin.  Bob Gleisner will get Ron addresses for mailing. 


Social Committee

Laura Langer attended to provide update. A Pig Roast will be the first social committee event, held on Sunday June 26. Fitchburg parks will bring a few picnic tables and garbage bins. She acquired permit to allow people to bring their own alcohol. After a discussion, it was decided that the cost would be $5 per adult and kids free. Proceeds will be donated to Second Harvest Food Bank. Social committee members will be passing out flyers soon, hoping to deliver door-to-door.


The social committee is still looking for an official chairperson. Currently there are chairpeople assigned by event.


Park Committee

Jen provided an update. An email had gone out to neighbors with most of the information. A follow-up meeting will be held on May 19 to finalize playground requirements.


Architecture committee

Matt Kohnke had been the representative on this. Duties include determining if dues are paid and approving house plans. We ran into a problem where we weren’t able to determine if a lot had paid dues or not prior to the closing. Instead of collecting the $150 owed, we only collected $50. Put a list of people in place for Randy Christensen to contact. This will be the same list of Sveum.

1.      Bob Gleisner

2.      Jesse Olson

3.      Becky Baumbach

Jen to get Randy contact information for the above members.



Finance Updates (submitted by Bob Gleisner, treasurer)


1)      Current Dues Status:

a.       2009:   63%

b.      2010:   67%    

c.       2011:   85%    


I have contacted the Register of Deeds.  It costs $30 to file a property lien.  The Register of Deeds suggested I also contact the Clerk of Courts because they have condo liens, which cost $5.  I am in the process of verifying the best way to proceed, balancing cost and effectiveness.  I have confirmed that Axley-Byrnelson helps associations with this issue.


2)      Registered Agent:  Currently John Hein is our registered agent.  We should either update to our new president, or appoint a registered agent.  The registered agent receives any notice of litigation, handles the DFI filings, can hold articles of incorporation, etc.  Some companies, such as CT (a subsidiary of Wolters-Kluwer) charge between $250 and $350 per year.  However, Axley Byrnelson will do this for us for no annual fee since they setup the association.  I ask that we appoint Robert Procter, from Axley-Byrnelson, as our registered agent.


3)      Insurance:  Hausman-Johnson provided a budgetary estimate for D&O Liability whose premiums would cost about $450 per year; and General Liability insurance whose premiums would cost $500 per year.  I ask that we have Axley-Byrnelson review our insurance coverage and make a recommendation for coverage level and reasonableness check on premiums.  If these coverages are appropriate I recommend we  attain such insurance.


4)      Association Checklist:  Axley helps other associations and one service people like is a ‘checklist’ of annual obligations (e.g. 1020H, DFI, etc.) 


5)      Axley-Byrnelson:  As you can see, there are a number of items that Axley-Byrnelson can help us with.  I have received a quote for $400 to complete all the activities listed above.  I believe the checklist; aid with collecting back dues/filing liens; review of our insurance; assembly of all relevant association documents, etc. is a worthy investment.  This will not only reduce the association risk, it reduces Director & Officer risk, and it will help with transitions to subsequent officers.