Meeting Minutes - January 31, 2010

posted Nov 13, 2010, 7:50 PM by Oak Meadow Communications
Present: Carlo Bonura, John Hein, Bob Gleisner, Jen Baldock  (not all directors present… still missing some contact information for two of the members so weren’t able to invite them)

Bob Gleisner will be taking over as treasurer.  Carlo will be in charge of social activities and subcommittees.

Got update from Olson Wills Landscaping for cleanup of Nobel entryway and cul-de-sac and some of the bikepaths.  John discussed getting bids on upgrading the landscaping in these areas.  Jen questioned using the money to update the park as an alternate plan.  The park isn’t our area but we could petition the city to make it more functional and add equipment.  Decided for now John will renew contract with Olson Wills.  Bob questioned if we are insured as an association.  Bob going to cross out that section in the landscaping document before signing. 

Set up a neighborhood cleanup day.  April 17, Saturday 8:00-11:00.  Discussed providing coffee/bagels before we get started.  Carlo volunteered to get food and garbage bags.  John will decide on zones.  City can pick up debris if you give them notice.  John going to post information on this on website.

Discussed how to officially make the amendment to the covenant about having extra directors. Have Phil look into amending. 

John going to see what it would cost to get more director books created and getting a PDF.  John going to scan it and make a PDF so it can be sent out electronically.

$1,000 budgeted amount for printed directory.  Bob and John going to take neighbor directory info and put into Quickbooks for email addresses. 

Email address:  John going to set up for directors. Will be “officer”  Will make a pool for additional directors. 

Bob/Carlo to change signature card information.

Discussed getting a PO Box.  UPS has one available for $200/year.  Discussed that we should price this.  John currently gets all mail. John going to look into this.

Discussed creating an informal newsletter. Include reminders about dues, upcoming events, social event info, reminders to check website, sunshine club info, updates to directory.  Will discuss at next meeting.   

John going to give admin privileges to Jen for website to allow for posting the minutes.