Meeting Minutes - October 20, 2010

posted Nov 13, 2010, 8:05 PM by Oak Meadow Communications
Attendees:  Jen Baldock, John Hein, Sarah Santos-Rangsuebsin, Marilyn Haynes Brokopp, Bob Gleisner

Absent: Kerry, Carlo

Location: Fitchburg City Hall – Greenfield Room

Updates from last meeting:

·      Bob did send out names of social committee to Carlo as well as excel files to directors.

·      Carlo not in attendance so didn’t discuss pigroast/social committee ideas

·      Jen still hasn’t done website – had sent out a plea for help – will continue to work on starting

·      Marilyn will follow-up with neighborhood watch guy – has a call in

·      Have bylaws from Hawks landing so can review for fence wording.

·      Discussed recruiting people to run for office


Financial Update:

Bob reconciled everything. Bob’s new process is going to photocopy all checks and send receipt number back.  Will make “2010 invoice for 2011 dues” when sending out invoices this weekend


November Meeting (annual meeting) Discussion:

Wednesday, November 10 at 7:00PM


  • Financial Review
  • Fences – do a vote on who wants fences
  • Elections and election process – So far bylaws read you elect directors and the directors decide who will be what. So need 3 positions filled (John, Carlo, Phil).  Will do standard volunteer/elections.
  • Open Topics


Additional Topics:

Marilyn brought up bad driving at intersections on Nutone (specifically at Targhee but others are bad as well). We should get speed bumps or yield signs or something.  Someone should call. 


Upcoming meetings:

    • Annual meeting – 2nd Wednesday in November (11/10) 7:00 PM  *THIS HAS BEEN CHANGED TO 11/17*
    • November 16 (Tuesday) next meeting after annual meeting 7:00 PM
    • Going to meet bimonthly starting in January on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:00PM.  Location TBD.  (1/18, 3/15, 7/19)