Meeting Minutes - September 1, 2010

posted Nov 13, 2010, 7:53 PM by Oak Meadow Communications
Attendees:  Jen Baldock, John Hein, Sarah Santos-Rangsuebsin (serving in place of Phil), Marilyn Haynes Brokopp, Bob Gleisner

Absent: Kerry, Carlo


Discussed having a Pig Roast as a social event in September.  

Bob gave financial report. Bob will contact people who are listed as owners but don't appear to have paid their dues. Bob suggested any member of the board can audit his work. Discussed changing the wording on the annual due notice to indicate these are 2010 dues for the year 2011 so it is more clear.

The information gathered from the member questionaires has been compiled. Discussed if we should follow-up with people who indicated they wanted or provided a service. It is a little complicated as we don't want to be endorsing one company over another.

Discussed fences.  Sarah going to get a copy of Hawks Landing bylaws so we can see what they are doing about fences. Might want to have a separate meeting with members about fences instead of lengthy discussion at annual meeting.

Discussed that we should attend more city meetings as Oak Meadow representatives.

Marilyn going to contact Robert Bennett about neighborhood watch.

Discussed annual meeting agenda topics - is there a way to set up a submission form for people to submit topics ahead of time?

Future discussions: 

    • What kind of packets will new directors get?
    • Ideas on how to not have president and vice-president exiting at same term.  Discussed idea of president-elect or having vice-president move to presidency.

 Upcoming meetings:

    • Annual meeting – 2nd Wednesday in November (11/10)
    • Wednesday, October 20th - Next directors meeting 7:00pm Marilyn’s house.
    • November 16 (Tuesday) next meeting after annual meeting
    • Going to meet bimonthly starting in January on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:00PM.  Location TBD.  (1/18, 3/15, 7/19)