November 13, 2013 - Annual Meeting

posted Feb 17, 2014, 9:00 PM by Oak Meadow Administration   [ updated Sep 5, 2014, 9:36 AM ]
The annual Oak Meadow Neighborhood Association meeting was held at the Fitchburg Library with dinner catered by Liliana’s Restaurant; there were 70 guests who had RSVP’d for the meeting. President, Jesse Olsen, brought the meeting to order at 6:50 PM. 

Jesse overviewed 2013 activities initiated by the HOA including: 
  • a neighborhood Garage Sale 
  • a progressive Cocktail Party 
  • Movie in the Park 
  • Oak Meadow Park Turf Restoration
Treasurer, Bob Gleisner, reviewed the financials, which included a three-year one-time cost for rain garden installation and maintenance.

Jesse Olsen overviewed planned events for 2014, which included: 
  • a neighborhood Garage Sale 
  • a progressive Cocktail Party 
  • Movie in the Park 
  • a Spring Egg Hunt
Members were asked if anything else should be discussed. Homeowner and City of Fitchburg Park Commissioner, Jake Johnson, was interested in starting up an invasive weed initiative in the Spring. Multiple homeowners had an interest. HOA encouraged Jake to lead an initiative and ask HOA to send out communications on it. A homeowner mentioned a need for stop signs at "T" shaped intersections. HOA said the neighborhood was designed not to have these, but homeowners are encouraged to pursue activities to get this changed. A homeowner asked about fences. Jesse Olsen mentioned that fences are not allowed in Oak Meadow unless you have a swimming pool. We've surveyed homeowners in the recent past to see if there was interest in changing this rule. The majority of homeowners voted to keep the rule as-is.

The 2014 HOA Board Members were recommended and unanimously approved:
  • Jesse Olson, President
  • Leigh Mills, Vice President 
  • Nicole Otterson, Communications Director 
  • Jodie Johnson, Neighborhood Events Director 
  • Sachin Tuli, Neighborhood Membership Director 
  • Dan Donovan, Architectural Committee 
  • Casey Poole, Treasurer
Homeowners were invited to continue to mingle at Liliana's Restaurant post-meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 7:25 PM. Minutes taken by Jodie Johnson.