Oak Meadow 2011 Annual Meeting Minutes

posted Nov 18, 2011, 2:43 PM by Oak Meadow Communications

Oak Meadow Home Owners Association Annual Meeting

Fitchburg Public Library

November 9, 2011

6:30 PM


A 30 minute social “hour” preceded the meeting, starting at 6:00PM, with a meal catered by Benvenutos.


Attendees: 47 Households were present



·      Introductions

·      2011 in review

·      Update from Randy Christensen

·      Financial Report

·      Committee Reports

·      Guests from Madison Metropolitan School District

·      Election of officers

·      Announcements – snow, dogs

·      Other new business

·      Adjourn



  • Introductions were made of the current board members. Then neighbors were asked to stand by street.


       2011 in Review

      Social committee formed = Pig Roast & more!

       Laura Langer and committee

      Increased neighborhood email list

      Monthly minutes distributed – Jen Baldock

      Website continues to improve – John Hein

      Welcome Committee started – Anna Huetter

      Fence survey conducted – Debbie Brown

      School dialogue began – Ron Slavin

      Emails and communication increased

      Need volunteers – playground, traffic, schools


       Randy Christensen from Sveum Enterprises, provided updates.

      There are about 20 lots left in the subdivision. We still need to take care of infiltration areas (future rain garden) behind Penwall and Sawtooth but want to get the houses improved around those areas before we install. Randy has been discussing this with city. We do have a budget item for maintenance for infiltration areas.

      Regarding mailboxes, Randy is still the contract person. It is about $150 for a mailbox. They also have posts available and these run about $100. (There is also information on our website under the FAQs about this)

      The Clear Channel area in going to be mixed use office area – not sure when/if they’d do it.  Challenging things are that there are 2 towers with lots of cables underground to provide reception and it would be difficult to move those.

      Randy’s contact information is rchristianson@cbsuccessrealty.com, work: (608) 288-3328


       Financial Report. Bob Gleisner provided the financial report.

      Currently he has collected 91.8% of dues for 2012!

      Details are provided in the annual meeting powerpoint

      Olson Toon might want to also put a bid on the landscaping

      We bought liability insurance so that if we were sued as a corporation we would be covered. Currently exploring an officer liability insurance which will be about $450

      We have a PO Box now at the UPS Store

      Everyone is able to audit the financials – email treasurer@oakmeadowhomeowners.org

      There was a question about dues and when they are due. Dues are due November 30 for the upcoming year.

      There was a question about if new homeowners need to backpay if they purchased their house this year. Bob thought the members asking the question were paid up.


       Committee Updates

      Social committee: Jen Baldock provided update that a social committee was formed this year. They put on a pig roast event this summer and had discussed other ideas for events. They were lacking a chairperson, but Anna Huetter has agreed to accept this position for the upcoming year.

      Welcome Committee – Part of the social committee’s directives were to create a welcome committee to great new neighbors and provide them with helpful information. Anna Huetter had agreed to lead this and provided an update on the progress made.

      Playground: Jen Baldock provided an update on the playground. A committee was formed to investigate if we could get playground equipment for the 5 and under age range. The current playstructure is rated for 5 and older. The city of Fitchburg has funds put aside for the Oak Meadow park, but the funds weren’t available until 2012. The committee met to discuss requirements and various neighbors were asked for feedback on what was decided. The city of Fitchburg has put out RFPs to various vendors and the proposals should be back in December. The committee (and anyone else interested) will then meet to decide which proposal will be chosen. Installation will (hopefully) be completed by May.

      Transportation: Jesse Olson stated that nothing has been completed with this due to lack of manpower. If anyone is passionate about doing something about the traffic/lack of stop or yield signs, let him know

      Fence Survey: Bob Gleisner discussed the results of the survey.  We need 99 of the lots to agree to change.  Currently only 23 were showing support.

      School Update: Ron Slavin did a lot of work for the neighborhood investigating what it would take to change our school district and finding out if our neighborhood was for or against. Fitchburg was incorporated after the school districts existed so Fitchburg is divided between Madison, Oregon, and Verona. Guests from our school district were in attendance to answer any questions. You can contact John Burkholder, principal of Leopold at 204-4240


  • Election of officers: There was one person nominated for each position and they were voted in. Jake Johnson made the motion to approve. Christi Albert seconded.

      President: Becky Baumbach

      Vice-President: Jesse Olson

      Treasurer: Bob Gleisner

      Secretary: Debra Morse

      Board Member/ Website Administrator: John Hein

      Board Member/ Social Committee: Anna Huetter

      Board Member/Architecture Committee: Jodie Johnson


  • Announcements:

      Reminder about Dogs – (this information is also provided in the covenants)

o   You can have a maximum of 3 dogs

o   They need to be kept in the house or garage or approved kennel

o   No Rottweilers or Pit Bulls

o   No barking nuisance or vicious propensities

o   Your dog must be within voice control in your yard or sidewalks

o   In the park, your dog needs to be on a least at all times

      Snow Removal – the following businesses offered their snow removal experiences

o   Foust Enterprises/Joy Foust  608-576-7098

o   Redhawk Landscaping 608-222-6611  redhawklandscaping@charter.net

o   Property owners with sidewalks shall remove any snow and ice accumulation by 6:00 p.m. the day after it has stopped.

o   Alternate Side Parking is in Effect November 15th- March 15th. Odd numbered days of the month, your vehicle should be parked on the odd numbered side of the street. On the even numbered days of the month, your vehicle should be parked on the even numbered side. The date is determined by the date it will be at 1:00 am, so when parking your vehicle, park for the date it will be at 1:00 am rather than the date it is when you park. This ordinance is in effect from 1:00 am to 7:00 am

o   If there is a problem with a lot not clearing their snow, call a board member for assistance

o   There was a question if both sand and salt are allowed.  Yes.


  • Miscellaneous:

      There was a comment that we should improve the entrance way


The meeting was adjourned at 7:42 PM.