Oak Meadow Minute September 14, 2011

posted Nov 9, 2011, 2:47 PM by Oak Meadow Communications

Oak Meadow Homeowner’s Association Board Meeting


Library Conference Room

September 14, 2011


Attendees: Jen Baldock, Becky Baumbach, Bob Gleisner, Jesse Olson, Robert Procter (Axley-Byrnelson)


Next meeting: Annual Meeting, Wednesday, November 9, 2011




Financial Report (provided by Bob Gleisner)

·      Current cash balance is $9,123.  This amount is after payment of insurance premiums and all pig roast costs.  I do expect additional costs for:

o   Mailing out dues statements for 2012 ($100 to $150)

o   Some additional Olson Toon landscaping work ($200-$300)

o   November annual meeting ($200 for food)

However, we are in sound financial footing and can afford additional monies           for neighborhood events yet this fall.


·      I have validated all property ownership information as of 9/12/2011 using Access Dane’s website.  There were 23 purchases of lots in 2011.  Some purchases are by other developers, even so that is a high portion of our 166 total lots.


·      We have collected dues from over 90% of the lot owners in 2011.  This is up from the mid-60%’s in previous years. In addition, we have been able to collect some back dues from these lot owners. I have sent out 3rd and 4th notices to lot owners.  Of the 13 we are trying to collect, 4 had been current until this year; while 4 owe for all 3 years.


·      Last year there was a homeowner who offered good input on adjusting the dues letter to focus on what we use the funds for, how they add value to our neighborhood, etc. – rather than focusing on the fact they are required.  I agree with the suggestion and will try and write the letter to be more balanced in this regard, though I do believe it is important to also note that they are required.


Robert Procter, attorney from Axley-Byrnelson attended. Discussed liens. Discussed it might be good to remind neighbors they are automatically in homeowner association once they buy their Oak Meadow property. Dues are required. Robert reminded us that everyone owns 1/166 of the out-lots, which is different than some neighborhoods where the city owns the out-lots.  Discussed creating procedures for what to do when people haven’t paid for one year, two year, etc. Bob will create a draft.


Our registered agent is now Robert Proctor. He will get any notices about required filings. We are non stock corporation.  No share holders, just members.  Everyone is a member. Each year an annual report needs to be filed. 


Social Committee

One of our neighbors, Anna, has offered to help in some way with the social committee. We would especially like to get the “welcome committee” set up to welcome new neighbors. Jesse is already getting the MLS listings for our neighborhood so will check into how we can all be notified when a property is sold. This would be good information for the welcome committee and also so we can keep our records updated. Jesse will look into this. Jen will be in touch with Anna to set up a meeting. Becky might have some additional names to add.


Fence Survey

Debbie Brown completed the fence survey.  The results are below.  Not enough support to pursue. Bob will send Jen the part of the paragraph that says you need to have enough support to add into the minutes.  Becky will also add a bullet point this for the annual meeting.


Frequency Distribution of Fence

                                                             Cumulative                      Cumulative      Graph of

Fence                                    Count               Count      Percent         Percent      Percent

1 Yes                                           23                    23          46.00             46.00      ||||||||||||||||||

2 No                                            23                    46          46.00             92.00      ||||||||||||||||||

3 No preference                            4                    50            8.00           100.00      |||




Jesse attended the school meeting on August 24 and gave a report (Jen had sent out an email to neighbors about it).  Becky also was in attendance due to her role as alderperson. The message was that even if boundaries did change, the demographics would have to stay the same. So most likely nothing will be happening.  Someone asked about a high school in Fitchburg some day.  Probably not a classical high school, but maybe something like a charter school.  Becky has a follow-up meeting scheduled.  Principal, superintendent, communications person really want to discuss with people. We could have a separate meeting with them. Becky will talk to Ron after a follow-up October 13 meeting to see if he can help sponsor a neighborhood meeting. Another statement was that if all of Oak Meadow children came to Leopold then there could be an overcrowding problem, but currently they aren’t so there isn’t. Fitchburg as a whole is growing so we need to work with superintendents about where we are growing.  New area Nine Springs is going to be Oregon school district. 

Dan Nerad was going to check with realtors so that they present accurate data to potential buyers.

This article is helpful:




Jen has requested input from various neighbors who had expressed interest in the project. Current timeline is to get RFP out to vendor in November 2011 so that we can have proposals back in December. We will then meet to make a decision on which vendor and hope to have playground installed by late spring (May 2012).



Jesse contacted some neighbors who had expressed concern with the traffic in our neighborhood.  Jesse will draft an email and send to Jen to send to neighborhood to see if anyone else in interested in pursuing this.


Snow Plow Bids

Becky got a request to put in a snow plow bid from Faust.  Bob can contact them.  This can be an annual meeting announcement.


Picnic Loose Ends

Becky and Bob will work on this.


Dog Roaming

Jen will send out email reminding about city of Fitchburg policies.


Chair Cushions

Jill Bonura found two chair cushions and was wondering if anyone had reported them missing. We discussed making a lost/found part on the website. Once completed, Jen can email neighbors about how to use it. Bob to discuss with John.



Can John put the default of the sidebar to not expand?



Debra Morse had asked about composting. Becky reported that they city has been working on something but it is still going through process. Steve Arnold would have more information.  Jen to relay this information.


Annual Meeting

Would like to have actual people ready to be nominated.

Jesse going to talk with Amy about running the social committee meeting immediately after the annual meeting.

Need secretary, architecture, social director.

Had about 40 people last year.


Thinking 6:00-6:30 food and social hour, 6:30 meeting start, social committee meeting at 8:00 (or when meeting adjourned).


Jen to make flyer about annual meeting – ask them to email their response to secretary@oakmeadowhomeowners.org - 3 weeks from today



Loose Ends

Jen to make up procedures on secretary. Need to create a binder for secretary duties.  Also should talk to John about putting minutes on google documents as a back-up.


Jen check with Randy to see who is approving the structures.  Also need to invite him to annual meeting