Oak Meadow Minutes (July board meeting)

posted Aug 30, 2011, 7:26 AM by Oak Meadow Administration

Oak Meadow Homeowner’s Association Board Meeting


Library Conference Room

July 21, 2011


Attendees: Jen Baldock, Becky Baumbach, Bob Gleisner, Debbie Brown, Jesse Olson, Ron Slavin, John Hein


Next meeting: September 14, 2011 (Wednesday)




1.    Guest – attorney from Axley-Byrnelson

Robert Procter – unable to attend this time but will attend next time


2.    Guest – Debbie Brown on fencing issue

a.    What process should be followed to explore the issue

b.    Who should be involved

·         Based on by-laws, Randy Christensen and Sveum have veto rights. Might be good to conduct a survey but need to talk with Randy.  Architectural control committee can help with approving design, but not approving actual fence.  Need Randy and 60% of the lots. Petition board for membership vote (survey) to feel out if have 60% of lot owners (not in attendance). If Debbie pursues, then board should consult attorney to review deed restrictions.  Could ask Robert Procter. We would need to define what constitutes a fence (e.g. is a privacy panel a 'fence'?). Debbie will draft questions and send to board.


3.    Guest – Ron Slavin on school issue update

·         Ron has petition to alter boundaries and will complete any paperwork on his own to avoid attorney fees. Sean Pfaff (mayor) had indicated to Ron that if all of the Fitchburg people would send their kids to public schools, enrollment would be up enough to possibly get a new school. January 1 is next deadline for petition/paperwork to be submitted.


4.    Approval of Minutes from last meeting

·         Minutes approved


5.    Financial Report

·         John mentioned considering setting up a PayPal type account or the ability to get credit card payments. Easy to set website up to collect fees if we want to do that.  Bob/John will figure this out.

·         Motion approved for Bob to be reimbursed for his previously over-paid dues on shared lot.

·         See last page for complete financial report


6.    Picnic recap

·         Laura Langer had provided a detailed wrap-up on the picnic.  $445 was raised to go to Second Harvest Food Bank. John Hein made note on website.

·         Jen to set up next social committee meeting – need to have a block captain/welcome committee.  Can fund the meeting so people will attend.



7.    Board recruitment

a.    Job duties – Discussed and summarized official job duties for each position – formal descriptions located in Oak Meadow Home Owners Association bylaws

b.    Nominating committee


General Requirements for all board members:

               Attend board meetings – usually 4-6 per year

               Help set direction and focus

               Help organize and staff events

               Help recruit volunteers and new board members

               Vote on Oak Meadow HOA business issues including approval to spend funds, election of new board members and board officers, approval of correspondence or testimony on community issues, etc.

President – currently Becky Baumbach

    Supervise, direct, and control all of the business and affairs for the Association

    Preside over and facilitate board and membership meetings

    Act as an official spokesperson for the Association

    Provide periodic updates on neighborhood issues to the membership

    Project coordination – always in flux

Vice-president – currently unfilled

    Work with the President on event and project planning

    Represent the Association when the President is not available

    Act as an official spokesperson for the Association

Secretary – currently Jen Baldock

    Take and prepare meeting minutes for board and membership meetings

    Organize and maintain the proceedings of the board and the membership

    Keeper of bylaws

    Reserve meeting rooms for board and annual meetings

Treasurer  - currently Bob Gleisner

    Responsible for all of the Association’s finances including:

                    Keeping the association’s books

                    Ensuring all funds are deposited and disbursed in accordance with the Board’s direction

                    Reporting at least quarterly to the Board on the Association’s finances

       Dues status/ Insurance filing/

       Respond to title agency requests

    Maintain mailing and phone list – record of dues paid


Additional Positions:

Architecture Control Committee Member:

       Work with Randy Christensen to approve house plans

Web Design

       Create and maintain Oak Meadow HOA website

Social Director

    Help publicize neighborhood events – press releases, signs, reader board

    Create a new neighbor packet – welcome new neighbors – working through realtors, Chamber, etc.

               Leader of welcome team

               Leader of social committee



8.    Other committee updates


       JEN: Create email to send out about people volunteering to be on the board – new positions.

       Jesse is getting the house sold info Ron had sent up under the directors email.

       Discussed going down to just quarterly meetings – change generic job responsibilities

       Playground update – still nothing until City of Fitchburg submits RFP to various playground vendors. City has provided a summary back to Jen Baldock based on the park committee requirements. Jen to run this by park committee (and email out to see if anyone else would like to be involved at this point).

·         Jesse reported inactivity on his task for traffic signs. FROM LAST MEETING MINUTES: “Transportation Safety: At our last meeting we had discussed the need for stop signs at various intersections. Jesse Olson will compose an email to send out to neighbors to find out if anyone is interested in heading this project up. Based on interest, we will decide if we want to fill out the CAR (Community Action Request).”

       Website: Averaging 3-8 hits per day. Covered for 3 or 5 years on the domain name. Could set up to auto-renew. (going back to issue of having a credit card would be nice).



Next Meetings:

Wednesday, September 14 7:00 PM – Next board meeting - Library Conference Room reserved again

Wednesday, November 2 – reserve for Annual Meeting prep time (may be cancelled)

Wednesday, November 9 – Annual Meeting


Jen – reserve meeting space for annual meeting

Get pizza for annual meeting – who is in charge?


Oak Meadow Homeowner’s Association

Financial Update

July 21, 2011


Current Funds Balance:          $9,821.50


Key Expenditures:

·         Pig Roast        -           $2,225 (approx.)

·         Olson Wills      -           $263.75

·         Second Harvest Food Bank   -           $445 (This was all raised by the $5                                                                contribution for the Pig Roast)


Dues Status:   We are at 88%+, previous years was in mid-60% range.  There are several lot owners who have never paid dues in spite of repeated attempts.  We are going to ask Axley for input on best process to collect dues.  Liens can be costly so we want to explore other options in addition to liens.


Reimbursement Request:  I am requesting reimbursement for the following expenditures:

·         In fall of 2010 I purchased 100 stamps for mailing invoices, etc.  $44.

·         I purchased a ‘For Deposit Only’ stamp for $13.90 to make endorsing checks more efficient.

·         John Hein and I jointly own 2615 Placid Street lot.  In a previous meeting we agreed homeowners who own the adjacent lot and when the homeowner is not a developer, then the lot shall be assessed once.  We have paid the full $150 of dues previously deemed ‘owed’ and I am requesting a rebate of my overpaid dues totaling $75.

These 3 items total $132.90


Association Filings:  The process to move the registered agent from John Hein to Axley Byrnelson is complete.  This will be helpful in the future as our officers change.  Axley is finishing up the process of making our DFI filings current.  Our fees due total $20.


Liability Insurance:  We have proceeded with the purchase of liability insurance for the association.  The cost will total $1,149 per year, of which we have paid $300.  I have not yet proceeded with the Director & Officer insurance – which will cost $450 per year – pending a review from Axley on need and cost.


Axley Services:  In a previous meeting, we agreed to engage Axley for a fee of $250 to:

(a)  provide a checklist of all filings, forms, duties, etc. for the association – and when those forms are due.

(b)  Review our insurance for need, cost appropriateness, etc.

(c)  Become our registered agent

(d)  Ensure all filings are current

(e)  Assist in collecting unpaid dues


In addition the attorney, Robert Procter, has agreed to attend one of our directors meetings to answer questions, offer insights from what he has seen in other associations, etc.