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Oak Meadows Neighborhood Association Board Meeting

Oct. 28, 2008

Present: John Hein, Phillip Rangsuebsin, Carlo Bonura, David Benjamin, David Hill  

David Hill called the meeting to order.


Old Business

David Benjamin delivered dues and the letter from the board to all occupied residences in the neighborhood.  He will work on getting bills out to lot owners.  There was a discussion of what the Board will do if they do not receive dues from homeowners.  No decisions were reached about this.

The Board needs to work on a budget including landscaping upkeep at the entrances, in the Oak View Court circle, and the water gardens (to be added by developer after last house is constructed).  Other possible projects include improved landscaping around the Oak Meadow sign.

The Board formally thanks David Hill for removing the chicken coop from the side of his garage.

New Business

David Hill was approached by a homeowner who had concerns about removing snow in the crosswalk ramps after the snow plows clears the streets.  It is the homeowner’s responsibility to make sure the sidewalks on their property are cleared of snow.  If a homeowner is having trouble possible solutions could be to talk with the city about their concerns, getting together with other nearby homeowners for help, or posting something on the neighborhood website asking for help. John Hein will add information about snow removal and an area for snow advisories on the website. 

Carlo Bonura reported on attempts to open a checking account for the Association. The initial association (created by the developer prior to establishment of the board) was set up without a tax id.   In order for the Association to open a checking account one of the board members will have to provide their SS#.  Phillip Rangsuebsin felt there would be no liability in someone doing this.  John Hein is willing to use his SS#

John Hein added the Board directory to the website as well as a services page.  All information on the website will be publicly accessible so no personal information about homeowners will be posted.

Email sent to the board about neighborhood concerns will become a matter public record.  Homeowners need to be aware of this.

There was a discussion about webonizing payment of dues.  The Board felt we should wait and see how the current method of collecting dues works.

We need to begin working on a homeowner’s directory.  A questionnaire will need to be created and distributed to the neighborhood.

The annual meeting was moved from May, as stated in the recent letter to homeowners, to the second Wednesday in October as per the neighborhood covenants. 

A homeowner wondering if houses in the neighborhood can be rented approached David Hill.  There is nothing in covenants that says you can not rent homes in the neighborhood.

The Board discussed ways to post meeting times/dates and other information for the neighborhood.  Notices could be posted at the three entrances.  Can we install a mailbox at the entrance for neighborhood fliers, news, etc.?  David Benjamin will ask the Fitchburg Parks Department about the possibility of getting some kind of posting board installed in the park.   If something is installed then it will be the Board secretary’s responsibility to monitor the posting board.

John Hein will contact Sveum’s office about the Board’s role on the architectural Review Committee.  John is supposed to be the Board’s liaison to this Committee but so far he has heard nothing from the developer.  John Hein will also ask whether nor not the solar panels went before the Committee. 

There was a short discussion about the types of information to be included on the website.  John Hein will be adding links to websites for the various elected officials representing the neighborhood.

David Hill resigned as president but will remain on the board.  The Board accepted his resignation. Phillip Rangsuebsin was offered the president’s position but declined.  David Benjamin nominated John Hein. Phillip Rangsuebsin seconded the nomination.  There was minimal discussion and the Board unanimously voted John Hein in as president.    

Next meeting: November 12, 2008, 8:00 p.m.

John Hein adjourned the meeting at 8:00 p.m.

Oak Meadows Neighborhood Association Board Meeting
Nov. 12, 2008

Present: John Hein, Carlo Bonura, David Benjamin, Phillip Rangsuebsin, David Hill

Call to order: John Hein

Old Business
Approval of Minutes.

Dues: Terry Jensen created list of all lot owners in neighborhood. Carlos reported that to date 60 checks have come in.

Snow advisory notice on website; John will set up something on website. Phillip emphasized that it is clear that posting on the web site will not guaranteeing help for snow removal.

Carlos and John got the bank account set up!

New Business
Someone approached a board member asking if we could have speed bumps installed on Nutone. Speed bumps are out of the control of the board and the homeowner should be referred to the traffic commissioner to do a study.

Could signs be installed at the entrances to the neighborhood other than the main entrance? Is there space for it? Probably not in boulevard because will block view and all other land and at the other entrances it is on private land.

The Board would like to invite Randy Christianson to a Board meeting to discuss the architectural review committee. John will invite Randy to a meeting after the 1st of the year.

Proposed Budget:

        Entrance landscaping                       $2,000.00
        Water gardens                                    $3,000.00 (first two year)
        Operating costs (board)                    $250.00
                    Office supplies
                    Temp signs/public notices
                    Stamps/photo copying
        Directory                                              $1,000.00 plus initial cost
        Web dues (yearly)                             $10.00

There is a need to form several committees. Can volunteers from the neighborhood be recruited to head some of these committees?
        “Sunshine” (welcoming, emergency, etc)

Phillip suggested that the Board organize a Winter Neighborhood Festival.  Date to be determined. 

The Board will schedule an open meeting on Feb. 18th. The location of the meeting has yet to be determined.

Meeting adjourn: 9:34

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