Quarterly Board Meeting - July 11 2012 7pm

posted Oct 28, 2012, 2:08 PM by Oak Meadow Administration

Present:  Becky Baumbach (President), Jesse Olson (Vice President), Bob Gleisner (Treasurer), Debra Morse (Secretary)

 Approval of Minutes

 Minutes approved.


Financial Report

 (See financial report)

 15 lots (9%) have unpaid HOA dues.  Four problem owners (multiple years unpaid).  Two or three of them have multiple years of unpaid city taxes, so it’s unlikely the HOA could collect from them. 

 Bob will investigate obtaining Director and Officer (basic liability) insurance for HOA.  This will be at a lower annual cost than what the HOA was paying.

 Wisconsin Community Bank allows payment of dues by credit card.  Fees are 4%, $2 for each $50 dues.  Bob will work with WCB to get the credit card option online.


Summer Picnic

 Suggested date:  Sunday, September 16, 3:00 – 6:00

 Social committee:  everyone is willing to help with a summer picnic but no one wants to lead it.

 Jodie created an Evite and shared with Becky.  She volunteered to send it out and collect responses.  It will be a gathering in Oak Meadow Park.  Attendees would bring their own food to eat.  Suggested activities:  kickball, Bingo, test out new playground equipment. Becky will ask someone from the Social Committee to go with her to It’s Your Party to get quotes for tent, movie screen, provide soda and water.

 Jesse and Amy will create the flyer and stuff neighborhood mailboxes.

 John needs to create a link on the main page of the HOA website to RSVP for the party.  Part of the registration process collects the email address.  The HOA is missing approximately 1/3 of email addresses.


Website - Review the site and information we want on it - It's gotten out of date

 Notify residents that if they pay by credit card through the HOA website they will get $5 off their HOA dues.  Paying by credit card requires them to provide their email addresses. 

 Add FAQ section that addresses issues such as “Can I build a deck?” or “Can I build a fence?”



- Welcome Committee

(Becky will email info to me)

Bob will develop an information sheet and provide to Anna for inclusion in the Welcome materials.


- Neighborhood Entrance (off Oak Knoll)

The owner of the 2 lots near the entrance is willing to carve out a bit of land for the sign.  Now is the best time to do this since there is no construction on the lots yet.  Jodie is getting quotes for the sign from Jim Hagen at sign-edge.com.  Need to budget for landscaping around the sign in 2013. 


Plans for Annual Meeting

- Place, dinner

 November 14, 2012, at 6:00 (appetizers), meeting at 7:00, ends at 8:00.

 Debra will confirm that Meeting Room A-B at the Fitchburg Public Library is reserved.



- Nominating committee for open positions - Secretary, Vice president

 Discussed potential nominees.  Lots of new people moved into the Targhee area; may want to approach them about possible Board involvement.



 Jesse is still looking into notifying residents about noncompliant mailboxes and how to order compliant ones. 

 Next Board meeting October 10, 2012, at 7:00 p.m.