Quarterly Board Meeting - October 29, 2012

posted Nov 10, 2012, 9:47 AM by Oak Meadow Communications   [ updated Nov 13, 2012, 5:51 AM ]
Present: Becky Baumbach (President), Jesse Olson (Vice President), Bob Gleisner (Treasurer), Jodie Johnson(Director), Anna Huetter (Director)
2013 Officers
The 2013 Officers were discussed and include: Jesse Olson (President), Leigh Mills (Vice President), Toya Johnson (Social), Dan Donovan (Architectural), Anna Heutter (Welcome), Bob Gleisner (Treasurer), John Hein (Director), Jodie Johnson (Communications), and Becky Baumbach (Past President). Previously Social had been grouped with Welcome, but it was decided these two functions could be split into two roles. Communications was a new role that combined the previous Secretary role with the responsibilities of website and database updates.
The vote would take place at the Annual Meeting. Becky would find the documentation on responsibilities and duties for new officers.
Website Improvements
  • The group discussed using PayPall next year for dues payments. Constant Contact, an email communications system that has an integrated PayPall module was suggested.
  • The group discussed updating the language on the HOA website to include relative references to dates, rather than absolute references that require constant updating.
  • The group requested a refresher on information as to how to access board emails.
  • The group requested a "dues and covenance" tab be added to the website.
  • Jesse volunteered to author a new FAQs sheet.
  • It was noted the Jan 2012 minutes were missing from the site. Everyone was asked to search their email boxes for a copy.
Annual Meeting
  • The meeting is Nov 14 in the Senior Center (lower level) of City Hall. The dinner starts at 6pm, and the meeting at 6:30pm. Members must be current with HOA dues to vote. A quorum must be present for the vote to count.
  • Becky ordered food (pizza, salad, and cookies) from Benvenutos. Jodie and Bob volunteered to work the check-in table starting at 5:30pm.
  • A HOA member asked that we discuss traffic rules at the annual meeting.
  • Becky will highlight 2012 accomplishments: progressive cocktail meeting, new playground equipment, a welcome committee, etc.
  • Jesse suggested we ask the neighborhood if we want to keep the fees as they are, and for the HOA to do more? Or if they want to lower fees in the near future? He also suggested we get input on the Progressive Dinner and the Summer Picnic. Jesse will draft a survey and administer this at the Annual Meeting.
Welcome Committee Update
  • Anna developed a welcome kit with tote bags, brochures, and various information deemed helpful to new residents. She will approach 30 new home owners by the time of our annual meeting.
  • The Welcome Team members (specifically: Eleanor, Mary, Lori, Rebekah and Anna) plan to deliver the welcome packages to approximately 30 new home owners by the time of our annual meeting.
  • Anna will bring a sample welcome kit to the annual meeting.
2nd Entrance Sign
  • We discussed bids on a second entrance sign to be located at the intersection of Oak Knoll and Pennwell Street. Sign Edge, who did the first entrance sign, could put another stone sign at this intersection for $10,000 or a wooden one for $5,500. The goal would be to better brand the neighborhood in the interest of increased real estate value. 
  • Phil Sveum approved of the sign, and also got approval of the current lot owner to install the sign.
  • The board discussed concerns about whether the sign placement approval would be permanent, or if after the lot was sold, the new owner could refute it. Becky agreed to look into this. 
    • Becky later found out we need to consult with a lawyer to make changes to the lot outline. This would most likely be a lengthy and expensive process.
    • Jesse also discovered the board can't spend over $1000 that is unbudgeted w/o approval of the association.
  • The group decided to ask the homeowners what they want to do. The board distribute a questionnaire at the Annual Meeting, including a question about the sign.  
Summer Picnic
  • We had about 40 neighbors attend the Summer Picnic. The bouncy house was heavily used.
  • Becky noted it was a lot of work to get the tent and bouncy house ordered and set-up. She noted we did not have port-a-potties this year.
  • Becky said to consider a monetary commitment to attend next year ($5?), and Bob urged us to consider a tool like PayPal to collect this payment.
Financial Report
  • Link to be provided ASAP.