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Park Improvement

Oak Meadow Home Owners Association is forming a Park Improvements committee to work on our Oak Meadow park to make it more usable and enjoyable.  One major part of this project would be to enhance the playground equipment.  We believe we have about 36 children under the age of 5 in Oak Meadows... the current playground equipment is designed for much older children and is not very safe (or fun) for that younger age group.  I spoke with Scott Endl at city hall and he sent me the original conceptual plan for the park (see attached).  Not all areas in this plan were included in a city budget, mostly they wanted to ensure they left enough space for everything.  However, Scott indicated there is money to put up a backstop for the proposed ball diamond area and possibly additional city funds for other playground equipment.  We are also willing to use some of our association money for park improvements.

If you have any interest in being on this committee to make our park into a great neighborhood gathering spot, please respond back to me.  If you are willing to chair this committee, let me know that as well.  With Spring right around the corner (okay, maybe that is wishful thinking...) we would love to get going on this right away. 

Oak Meadow Administration,
Jan 20, 2011, 8:07 AM