Each lot owner is responsible for paying an annual fee per year. The fee set forth by the board of directors is $50.00 per year per lot owned. The collected dues allow the association to pay for the maintenance of our common areas, upcoming ground water infiltration system, social events, administrative/operational fees, and legal fees. Being a current member entitles you to participate in association meetings and grants you voting privileges. Payments are due each year by March 31.

See the link below to check your payment status.

*Please note that if you have recently sent us a payment, it might take a week until the table is updated.
Lot fees for the current fiscal year must be paid in order to vote at the annual meeting.

To pay dues, you can either use PayPal (link below) or via check mailed to the address below.  Please note if you are NOT in current standing you cannot use the paypal method and must write a check to the address here.  Please include your address and lot numbers on checks.

     Oak Meadow Homeowners Association
     2935 S. Fish Hatchery Rd. #301
     Madison, WI 53711

Pay online - PayPal account not required

Please make sure you set your Ship to address as your Fitchburg Oak Meadow Home address, such that we can credit your property with the dues.
You can also use the treasurer@oakmeadowhomeowners.org address with your PayPal Mobile address or PayPal site.

If you have any questions please contact:  treasurer@oakmeadowhomeowners.org