2022 - 2023 Directors

Oak Meadow Directors have 3 objectives

    1. Take actions that best benefit the neighborhood

    2. Increase a sense of community

    3. Fulfill Board responsibilities for the association

(see the duties list at the end/below)

President - Tim Nuckles


Elected October 2022, Term Expires Dec 2024

Vice-President - Chris Davis


Elected Oct 2022, Term Expires Dec 2024

Communications Director - vacant


Appointed ..........

Neighborhood Events Director - vacant


Appointed ...........

Treasurer - John Wilson - acting


Elected January 2021, Term Expires Dec 2022

Neighborhood Membership/Welcome - Holly Katt


Elected Oct 2022, Term Expires Dec 2024

Architectural Committee - Joe Shipley


Elected Oct 2022 Term Expires Dec 2024

Interested in becoming a director?


    1. Dues in current status

    2. Have not exceeded the consecutive term restriction (two 2-year terms)

If you're interested, send an email to president@oakmeadowhomeowners.org.


Directors Duties:

These duties are flexible; this is just a starting point for the Board to work out who does what. Vary by individual skills and time commitments.


  • Supervise, direct, and control all business of the Association. Sign, execute, and acknowledge all necessary documents to perform the business of the Association. Authorize others to assist the Board. May backup the Treasurer or Architecture Director.

Vice President:

  • Backup the President in all duties; Keep and file the minutes of the organization. Coordinate the Annual Meeting. May backup the Treasurer or Architecture Director. Help out wherever needed.


  • Send dues notices, collect payments from PO Box and Paypal, make and manage bank deposits, reconcile bank account, budget forecasting, cut checks / pay bills, coordinate annual landscaping contract, update financial and member contact info spreadsheets.

Architecture Director:

  • Receive and respond to member inquiries about Covenants or possible incidents of covenants violations in the neighborhood. Advise members regarding changes desired to ensure they are consistent with the covenants. Provide notices for non-compliance if required. Bring continued non-compliance issues to the Board through the Enforcement process.

Communications Director:

  • Write and distribute quarterly newsletters, update and manage HOA Facebook pages and HOA website, facilitate any other member communications, inform the Board of neighborhood feedback about projects/items that could impact our neighborhood, custodian of Association records.

Events Director:

  • Plan, coordinate, and execute neighborhood social events.

Welcome Director:

  • Assemble and deliver welcome baskets. Act as ambassador for Oak Meadow Neighborhood.

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